Arbonne Review – Is Arbonne a Legitimate Business Opportunity, or a Hoax?


Arbonne – The Company

Arbonne International was founded in 1980 by Peter Morck, with it’s home offices in Irvine, California. Arbonne offers a number of skin care, cosmetic and beauty products through the direct sales/network marketing/word-of-mouth business model. Arbonne operates currently in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. The CEO is Kay Napier. Arbonne has been featured in a number of publications including Good Housekeeping and Redbook. Arbonne does about $35 million in sales yearly. Since they’ve been in business for so long, and their annual revenue stats, it’s my opinion that it is a legit opportunity and is definitely not a scam.

Arbonne – The Products

Arbonne markets a complete line of over 200 cosmetic and beauty products. They offer anti-aging, detox, anti-acne, bath oils and moisturizers just to name a few. Aside from the skin care line, Arbonne offers products for weight loss, too, which seems a little out of alignment with the skin care side of the product line… but hey, if there’s a market for it, why not? Make sure you research the Arbonne International website for the details of their products as well as customer testimonials to make sure you can promote these products with complete certainty.

Arbonne -The Opportunity

You can get enrolled as a distributor for Arbonne for $109. You must maintain a monthly autoship to remain active with the comp plan. Arbonne reps earn a 35% commission sales but must follow strict guidelines when marketing Arbonne, which could be quite challenging. I never can understand why a company would put limitations on how it’s distributors can earn income. To me, it seems counter intuitive. If you are looking to do anything else but traditional old-school MLM, then Arbonne may not be the right fit for you. I would recommend a more cutting edge skin care company like Seacret if you are looking to stay current with online marketing trends.

To maximize the Arbonne comp plan you will need to build a large distribution channel. If you do, you have a great chance of building a long term passive income. As you progress through the Arbonne ranks, you can earn car bonuses and even a live insurance policy which is quite a unique offering from an MLM. For the right person, if you are willing to work hard, Arbonne could be a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Arbonne – The Criticism

One downside to Arbonne is there products high price point and relative effectiveness. Many reps have positive things to say about the products, but obviously they are biased. You will find it challenging to find non-biased customer testimonials that are positive. If you are looking for proven products with a ton of positive non-biased customer reviews, check out Seacret.

Another potential downside to Arbonne is they limit internet marketing ability. The internet is the future, no matter how hard a company wishes to fight it. If you want to sell on the internet, you have to pay for an Arbonne website. This nickel-and-diming of reps is unacceptable. Further, Arbonne doesn’t want it’s reps to recruit people online. Why not? Check out what other companies offer as a recruiting tool. It is advantageous for a company to offer as much as possible to set their reps up for success. If Arbonne isn’t doing so, why not? Just food for thought. Arbonne officials claim that the business is only based on relationship marketing but more and more people are moving toward doing more business online.


Arbonne is a solid company with a good track record in the industry. It’s my firm position that Arbonne is NOT a Scam! They have good management and a fair comp plan. You will need more to succeed, however. To truly make it in this industry, you will need a working knowledge of marketing and lead generation. Without them, you’ll have a hard time trying to build any MLM business. Therefore, I suggest utilizing an online attraction marketing system to brand yourself as a leader, generate leads on command, and become a sponsoring Jedi Ninja Warrior! Click the link below to learn how…

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