How to Find Your Missing Cufflink Pair

You can’t help it. You were just wearing it and now it’s gone. What happened? Did somebody take it? How could anyone take it? Did you lose it?

Maybe you did and these events can’t be helped especially with cufflinks. They are minute pieces of jewelry that are commonly found on the cuffs. But what do you do with a single cufflinks? You can’t wear it unmatched.

Don’t fret. I listed here a couple of ways to find your matching pair. Hope this helps!

1. Online Auction. There are a lot of auction sites that are available on the web that sells everything from broken teeth to gold shovels. You can give it a shot to find your missing cufflinks.

2. Forums. Topics for online forums are also varied. Join one that discusses cufflinks or post a question on where you can find your missing pair.

3. Create a Blog. Blogs can also greatly aid you with finding your missing cufflinks. Focus your topic on single cufflinks exchange to draw collectors on your site.

4. Get advice from the experts. Cufflinks experts can give you enough information on where you can start your search. Learning more about your single piece can significantly aid you with hints and clues as to the whereabouts of the other pair. Speaking with experts is also a great opportunity to exchange ideas with cufflinks enthusiasts as yourself.

5. Utilize search engines. If you are searching online, it is best to use search engines. It is perhaps the most straightforward way of conducting your investigation. Google and Dogpile can assure massive return even with simple keywords.

6. Weekend Garage sales. Full-time collectors scout for the rarest items at garage sales. If you’re lucky, you can spot some good pairs yourself. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

7. Antique shops. Scout for antique stores if you don’t have one in your area. This is ideal for those whose pieces are considered heirlooms and have been handed down from previous generations. As the owner if he or she knows anyone with a collection to sell.

8. Attend Cufflink-ers Parties and Events. These are rare groups but if you do have one in your area, join them. More often than not, cufflinks are exchanged during get-togethers. If such groups are non-existent in your area, start one yourself.

9. Contact Online Cufflinks Merchants. There’s nothing with trying so don’t be shy. There can be a possibility that they are also looking for cufflinks like yours. You can have it exchanged for a better pair.

10. Advertise on Magazines and Newspapers. While this may hurt your pocket a little, you’ll never know who would come along. Newspapers and magazines are widely read by anyone anywhere so you’ll get more chances of being heard.

These are just some ways to help you find your missing link. You don’t have to exhaust every tip mentioned. Just choose a couple that suits your groove.

Cufflinks are works of art, not just jewelry pieces. I’d take measures to find my matching single. How far can you go?

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