Do you wish you could sleep with hot exotic dancers? If you are a man, and you’re reading this article I’m gonna guess that the answer is a resounding YES! Let’s face it most strippers are pretty damn hot… between the trim bodies, the slutty outfits and the young pretty faces, a strip club is like a candy store for adults.

My problem with strippers is that I don’t like paying for female attention… I’d rather be with a girl who actually LIKES me than a girl I’m paying to PRETEND she likes me any day of the week. That’s where Dean Cortez’s “Secret’s Of Strip Club Seduction” comes into the picture.

This book is absolutely awesome.

It SHATTERS the myth that strippers will never date a customer

I know what you are thinking, “yeah right, a book that can teach me how to pick up strippers, what a load of bull.” But trust me, this guy is the real deal.

The author Dean Cortez is the world’s leading expert on seducing strippers, I’ve heard him do interviews, and it’s obvious that everything he says is rock SOLID stripper wisdom!

Here are the three things I like most about this book:

1) The author helps you to UNDERSTAND how strippers think so that you can communicate with them the right way and differentiate yourself from all the “chump” customers.

2) It goes into explicit detail about exactly HOW to go about picking up a stripper, from what time of day to go to strip clubs, to what to talk about, to how to get their numbers, all the way up to managing a relationship with your stripper girlfriend.

3) The BONUSES. When I got this program it came with a bunch of bonuses, including an interview on attracting younger women, I don’t know if that’s still available but it was the best thing I’ve ever heard on the subject.

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